Big data is the term to describe a collection of datasets so large and complex as to require different tools from the traditional ones, in all phases of the process: acquisition, the curation, through sharing, analysis and visualization.

With the reseller partner Parstream and as software leader in the implementation of Big Data Analytics we offer a unique platform for Real-Time Database per Big Data Analytics.

The Real Time Database of ParStream is a powerful enabler of Big Data Analytics , allowing the companies to make better decisions by analyzing all their data, both historical flows and on-line ones. ParStream ensures very low response times to queries on billions of records, while still importing new data at very high speeds, so companies are able to get immediate information from their data. With this information, companies can increase their competitive advantage by innovating and exploring new business models, optimizing and expanding their sources of income and reducing infrastructure and operating costs.
The indexing system patented HPCI - High Performance Compressed Index represents the heart of the columnar analytic ultra-fast database, designed from the scratch to handle both Big Data and Fast Data. The distributed architecture, massively parallel, shared-nothing, of ParStream is designed to exploit the architecture of multi-core processors, servers and clusters today.
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