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Manage all your digital assets

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the system that allows you to organize categorize, archive, search, edit and distribute a wide range of digital content.

StoreLink DAM, The Digital Asset Management (DAM) proposed by StoreLink, is based on open source technologies and allows you to:

  • Manage different types of content - from PDF files to images, sounds, movies, animations and text
  • Access from any workstation - through a simple web page, having the access credentials.
  • Create your WEBTV with live and on-demand content


Why Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

  • The value of Digital Assets grows and their structured use becomes a must
  • The use and reuse of Asset lets you capitalize on the work, sharing the work methodology
  • The licensing management opens new business opportunities
  • Multimedia content must be shared in different formats
  • Data management becomes long and expensive
  • The Brand Identity requires a coordinated management of all digital content


Features for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Multiple Upload/Editing
  • Download image in high and low resolution
  • Workflow-loading, validation and update
  • Transcoding of uploaded files in the chosen formats
  • Preview of uploaded files
  • Thumbnail for text, images, audio and video
  • Navigation by categories through simple and advanced search
  • Multilingual support
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