The Ministerial Decree of April 3, 2013 55 obliges, from 6 June 2014 , various Central Government to issue and manage all invoices electronically.

The term dematerialisation is used for paper documents and records of public administrations by identifying the process of elimination of the physical consistency of the archives, traditionally made of paper documents, and replacing them with electronic documents. 
The electronic storage is a computer procedure can ensure over time the legal validity of an electronic document.
Private and Public Companies are committed today in an extensive renovation process which includes: streamlining structures and administrative processes, use of Internet, offering more efficient services.
Our company offers the following solutions:
  • Dematerialization and legal archiving   replacement of documents in accordance with the law, both in terms of SW that of enabling infrastructure.
  • Document management system with Storage Solutions based on the Assureon hw system and Services for Workflow, Document Management,  PEC and the Digital Signature
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