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StoreCommerce free you of any technical problem, focusing on your main goal only: sell. StoreCommerce grew up with the idea to provide the essentials for starting a business selling online. That means to include the most used tools that allow you to sell immediately, without having to configure a thousand of unuseful functionalities. “Ma Scontrino” becomes a full service by providing the essential capabilities and supplementing them with services that are increasingly tailored to your needs.


Service Features

StoreCommerce is the most simple, elegant and cost to open a business selling online. Inventory management, orders and shipments, payment systems, promotional offers are completely autonomous and simplified by an intuitive interface that will allow you in a few steps to keep updated on your online store.

ERP integration

If your requirement is to integrate e-commerce solution directly with your company management, we offer further customization of StoreCommerce which provides the ability to synchronize the warehouse products e-shop with the real one. It is essential, of course, be able to reduce the time dedicated to the product inclusion, order verification etc: StoreCommerce is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different contexts by offering an e-commerce solution integrated and geared towards simple.

Product promotion

Unless your products are not already known to the public and have not already started a marketing plan for their promotion, the publication of your e-shop often not equivalent to an immediate sale. Nor, for that matter, you can guarantee certain results as often hear tell. What with StoreCommerce we provide for the marketing communication is our experience on the ground with plans and promotional activities specific to the different channels of content online. Not only banner, then a plan of promotional online requires more and more of an analysis of the multiple contexts in which today is held the majority of transactions, such as search engines and social networks.

Custom Design

Very often the company has already launched a web project and online store will have to adapt to this graphic line, consistent with its image. In addition to the standard themes of StoreCommerce, we propose the creation of layouts customized to the needs of the company. From the evaluation and design of graphics and interaction, the development of additional technical features, often an e-shop in need of solutions dedicated to the type of product or to the targeted public.

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