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The selection of technologies in the "Security", available today, is likely to meet most of the needs of customers; However, technology alone is not enough, we provide our customers with a high level of expertise in terms of system integration and customization of solutions.

Storelink arises as a key player in security thanks to the long experience in the design and implementation of integrated physical and logical security.

Logical Security:

It deals with the integrity, availability and confidentiality of business information and is therefore a component extremely critical in the production process of the business; Storelink, for each of the following areas, is capable to offer not only products and services but especially experience and solutions to problems.

Design and delivery of infrastructure-based Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, StoneGate.

Phisical Security

Its general objective is to protect people and assets of the company involved in the production core process for the company. Storelink is able to respond to this need by means of design and construction of:

The full availability of the service in the Cloud and the integration with traditional SCADA systems, complete the offer.

Our company offers a security platform can also be accessed in the Cloud ; it can handle evenly and easily   devices and systems that make up a modern   security system such as: video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection systems, anti-fire ...
Organizational Security
Besides the adoption of appropriate technological measures related to the aspects outlined above, it must be defined a set of rules and procedures to regulate the organizational aspects of the same process. Storelink supports the client to define the appearance of organization, with regard to the definition of roles, tasks and responsibilities for the management of the security process:
Below are the main products used by Storelink in order to ensure the maximum guarantee in security: