There is not, in our opinion, advice generalized !!!

The latter would inevitably aseptic skills, useful to provide solutions targeted to the specific needs EXCLUSIVELY 'of the moment’; one on which we focus our efforts is the creation of a real partnership with the customer with the clear objective of:

  • 1Join him in the choices through a design consulting help identify one or more 'streets congenial to their business policies and investment.
  • 2 DEVELOP together all phases of infrastructure design and deployment, "step by step", customizing the timing of execution according to operations and continuity of service.
  • 3MAINTAIN, educating and keeping track of what has been achieved in accordance 'with the standards of service and efficiency goals.

Compliance with these three basic concepts is the key for the success of each project; Just focusing our attention on success, our organization operates by "SENIOR" specialists ONLY.


Systems DataBase Backup Networking SW development
Consulting our know how
AIX Oracle CommVault SNA J2EE
HPUX SQL EMC networker SAN C, C++, Visual C++
Linux DB2 Symantec NETBackup X25 Visual Basic
Solaris MySql TSM Tivoli Patrol Oracle AS
Windows Postgres Quantum OpneView IBM WebSphere


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