For a customer, moving in the world of data recovery, especially when several suppliers present themselves as market leaders boasting many years of experience and expertise of the highest order, it is not always easy! Our strength is expressed in four simple criteria of service:


Retrieving data from SQL database

Using tools designed specifically for recovery from SQL databases, our technical staff is able to offer a solution for data recovery really decisive. The recovery process starts with finding the database file requested. If the file is inaccessible due to problems on the storage device, the technicians will provide in a timely manner to extract the data. If the file is missing, deleted or truncated to file system problems, our specialists will work to repair the file system and do it correctly point to the stream file data. If the file system has no pointers to files, SQL data will be tracked on the entire drive. The next step is to work directly on the database file. Using our tool, specific for recovering data from SQL, we will analyze the complex structure of the .MDF file providing a report of the tables recoverable. Completed this evaluation phase, the customer can provide the final authorization to data recovery. If the case permits, we act with the technology of RD Recovery also . This is the fastest way to retrieve data from SQL database as it doesn’t require sending storage media to our technical structure.

supported Versions Microsoft SQL 6.5, Microsoft SQL 7.0, Microsoft SQL 2000, Microsoft SQL 2005

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