Our Solutions interpret the new market needs, the real needs of users. Solve problems means knowing how to listen, to field all the skills you need, select today Technologies and services on which people and companies will rely tomorrow.

StoreLink supports the development of innovative ideas and supporting them to the architectures already consolidated, acquiring a network of partnerships selected and reliable and offers effective solutions and cost saving, that touch the major industry verticals.


Technological innovation in the industrial sector plays a strategic role, because it is functional not only to rationalize costs, but also to the repositioning of the single company on the market.

Large Scale retail

The large retail sector has invested in a process of renewal of the store and techniques loyalty of customers who see the IT and TLC as protagonists.



Social media have become an integral part of the global economy, have joined the company as a tool for collaboration, communication and business.

Public Sector

"Spending review ', public safety, smart cities, ... are just some of the topics that make ICT a central voice Investment in Public Administration.

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