Natural disasters and human error can result in the loss of the ICT infrastructure, and data and discontinuity in the provision of services or even Business Safety critica. StoreLink offers for its customers tailored solutions,

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StoreLink has specialized staff that supports its clients in the design, installation and maintenance of security solutions, both physical and logical. In the field of physical security the main area of the work are access control, intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, building automation and home automation, using and integrating market leader technology  .

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The ICT context evolves quickly and traditional server environments involve several problems: high initial investment, complex deployment and configuration, maintenance costs that increase. The answers to these challenges come from Cloud Computing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

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Big Data is the big, huge mass of data, structured and unstructured, available to companies today; it is a company's assets almost always little used or misused, but it can and must become a formidable business opportunity.

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