Préstamos sin Buró de Crédito para personas con mal historial crediticio. Prestamos inmediatos sin anticipos. Sin avales ni anticipos de dinero.

Solicita tu préstamos personales en línea urgentes. 100% online con mínimos requisitos. Calculá tu préstamo de manera segura. Analizamos tu pedido en menos de 24 horas.

¿Cuáles son las tasas de intereses de los prestamos rápidos en línea en España? ¿Buscas un financiamiento rápido?

Big Data is the big, huge mass of data, structured and unstructured, available to companies today; it is a company's assets almost always little used or misused, but it can and must become a formidable business opportunity.

The increase in the volume, velocity and variety of data often exceeds the actual ability of companies to manage and process them with efficiency and effectiveness in the time more and more 'real time'. A complexity that makes it difficult to cope with the increasingly urgent and growing needs of the business.

Storelink supports its customers with market leader solutions as  Parstream  or using opensource ones as hadhoop . These solutions are able to transform data apparently meaningless and disconnected between them into useful information to create a competitive advantage

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