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Technological Innovation and Implementation
Speaking of technological innovation in a world now invaded by continuous revolutions   and overwhelmed by the disclosure of information that now perceive more 'as a nuisance and often painful suffering and oppression,   we can not help but
  • accept it
  • suffer them
  • Wait for the experience of others before deciding
For sure you can not   hide or worse ignore
The concept often spread "are in place so" does not pay, and sooner or later you will come to terms with their own NOT CHOICES, as documented in all locations of analysis by leading researchers
The infamous R.O.I. , Return Of   Investiment - more simply, return on investment, not 'more than just a mental exercise but a' real need, to allow your business or   corporate mission to be effectively aligned with the   ; market and ready to compete on equal terms with the competition.
L’importanza oramai conclamata, e’ quella dell’accesso al dato, la conservazione dello stesso in maniera semplice ed efficace a la salvaguardia del suo valore intrinseco
The importance now overt, and 'that access to the data, the storage of the same in a simple and effective in the preservation of its intrinsic value.
There are studies very reliable in this respect that     demonstrate and certify; its veracity.
What do?
The starting point is the exact knowledge of the specific problems and not as often happens the definition   a possible solution
From the knowledge and awareness of their exact needs or expectations, should start a research and evaluation by a specialist, possibly seen as a "partner", the experience gained in the specific field and can perform an evaluation independent of the influence FROM PACKAGING oF SPECIFIC PART oF MANUFACTURERS , but at the same time, closely related to the same, so you receive the maximum support, once defined the solution.
This results and identified in the "SYSTEM INTEGRATOR" that translates his knowledge and   experience in a great help, not only in development but also in the evaluation of solutions and especially the guarantee that he will be the glue between the various elements of the solution, if there were not heterogeneous environments and solutions.
As said, it may seem a "forcing part" but, we like to make an analogy to simplify and support of our thesis.
Suppose we want to build a house,   our house,
the first step will be to turn to an architect who achieves the best of what we need and want, we would not go by the manufacturer of building materials to make us realize the project, because obviously will try to use their products, as well as will not be the architect building bricks or the material needed but work better with the various suppliers (doors, windows, bricks, lime, etc.), all under the responsibility of its employees who carry out the project, while suppliers will in any case the burden the quality of the supply.
What seems evident in the market dell'edilizi, comforted by hundreds of years of experience, does not find a response so   evident in the way computer, certainly younger, overwhelmed by information on the internet, you should always be well understood and matured, having the real capacity d 'to interpret and define the message "marketing" from the technical and lastly,   not relying on technical staff "improvised", often at really attractive, but certainly not qualified to support levels that could "scalar" any   issues and share experiences with international technical support.


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